Importance Of Having Web Presence

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In this article, amluletreleaf would like to explain the importance of having a web presence at this era. In this technology era, every services including medical, engineering, law, politics etc must have online presence to project itself to the potential customers. Though we cannot completely avoid the traditional modes of advertisements, a properly planned Internet ads can reduce a lot of advertisement expenses. Here we share step by step procedure to capture a decent place in online world to announce your business and tips to attract potential customers from it.

First thing is first, we should have a website or blog to announce the online presence. If you want a blog, I recommend use WordPress which is easy and professional. You can improve the professionalism of WordPress blog by uploading professional themes developed by web designers. Amluletreleaf is using WordPress. If you want to have a website with CMS feature, I recommend using Joomla, one of the popular CMS platforms used by millions of webmasters. At present the latest version of Joomla is Joomla! 3.4.1.

Your web page must be having responsive web design. Users having both computer, laptops, smartphones and tablets must have no issues with reading your site. Screen resolution of computer and laptops are similar but for smartphone users, it is different. So your website must load on both a high resolution PC and low resolution smartphone hassle free.

Another important point to note is to make sure your computer is virus free while uploading content to the web server. According to  the below sources,

virus infection can clearly affect the way a device operates. It can manipulate the normal working of a laptop including booting.  It is again specified in the following tutorial, The above tutorial explains how malicious code force a computer to restart often without user permission.

It is also important to add SSL if you are looking for high security. SSL force the browsers to access the site using 443 port instead of regular http port 80. It enhances the security.

Another important step to acquire more customers from Internet is to popularize your CMS. You can use business directories to popularize your business website. It  would be better if you use local business directories unless you are providing a global service. For example, if you want to popularize a hospital which is specialized in treating chronic pains, it is better use local business directories. Since a hospital with special chronic pain treatment usually gets patients from nearby area, it is not wise to spent energy to publish details in a global forum. However, the above statement can no longer be true in the era of tele-medicine.


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